School/Library Visits

Through an interactive presentation, Mary introduces her love of writing and how that passion began and evolved into her becoming an author. Mary will share the various stages of how a book evolves, outlining the development of the seed or idea for her book. Mary will show samples of her latest book at its various stages, including illustrating, editing, and revising. The theme of her book, what it is like to be the second child and wish that you were the first, always generates great discussions. Mary will actually read the book to the class and allow time for questions at the end of the reading.

Note: A signed copy of CHARLOTTE THE FIRST will be donated to the classroom. All school staff and students who wish to buy the book will receive a 20% discount for all books purchased for up to 90 days after Mary's author's visit. If schools would like to enter the book in their school book fair, schools will receive 30% of the profit on each book.

Cost:  $150 per classroom of no more than 30 students
Each additional classroom that is booked will receive a 20% discount on the $150 rate.

Travel is free within a 30 minute radius of Belmont, MA. Travel fees will be negotiated depending on the location of the school.