"For years I had been keeping a mental note of all the things that I hadn't gotten to but wanted to do in my lifetime." So begins writer Mary Mahony's memoir, THE REUNION, WARM REGARDS, M.S.

We have all been to the movies and seen a "short." THE REUNION, WARM REGARDS, M.S. is a "short" read with a big message about life and what brought Mary back to her high school after almost forty-five years. You will learn the source of her determination as she explores her newfound insight into life by participating in the world through giving back. It is a story about how the past can help you seek strength as you look at the future. [Buy Book]


CHARLOTTE THE FIRST is an endearing story of sibling rivalry and how younger siblings find their own special place within the family unit. Not unlike the middle child, the second child often feels upstaged by the first and rightfully so. This is a fabulous story for all children and a great read-aloud for parents to share with their children. [Buy Book]


Enjoy this playfully sensitive journey by both the grandmother and the grandchild as Mary Mahony experiences the absolute joy of becoming a grandparent and experiences her first Ella Fix. Mary playfully chronicles Ella’s first year of life in a way that will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart. [Buy Book]

School is Not For Me

My spelling was not good, but I had good ideas, and Miss Hatsis said that was the most important part of writing, your ideas and how you say them. After that it was okay for Miss Hatsis to hear me read.
She didn’t say “I can’t hear you, Jeremy” anymore because I read louder and tried much harder to say the words I didn’t know. I wasn’t good at reading but I think I was getting better. I didn’t worry about what the other kids were thinking so much anymore, but I still got a tight tummy when it was my turn to read and sometimes my hands would feel kind of wet.[Buy Book]

What Can I Give You?

What Can I Give You? is a chronicled story of a loving mother's journey with her daughter, Erin, who was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis at the age of fourteen months. The journey follows her daughter through bracing, surgery, and even into her life as a young adult. The book offers insight and inspiration to families living with congenital scoliosis and gives them valuable guidance. Please note that the book was recently updated and contains special tributes to retiring Dr. John E. Hall as well as a medical update on congenital scoliosis by Dr. John B.Emans of Children's Hospital, Boston, MA. Of special value is the glossary in the back of the book listing the most current medical terminology with user friendly descriptions. July 2005. [Buy Book]

There's an "S" on My Back, "S" is For Scoliosis

Maisey MacGuire is a fifth grader and her life is much like that of any fifth grader until the day of her scoliosis screening. "After the little talk, Ms. Bennett had each girl stand on a piece of masking tape stuck to the floor and asked each one to move into a diving position. I kept thinking to myself, "I sure hope everyone knows how to swim!" The Ms. Bennett just seemed to stare at each back, looking ever so carefully. Eventually, it was my turn. She seemed to take a lot longer with me and I was getting pretty uncomfortable being in that position so long. Finally, she told me that I could stand up. [Buy Book]

Stand Tall Harry

You're going to like Harry and you're going to like his family and friends. They are intelligent, caring, diverse, interested, and interesting. And through them you will have a chance to see how a hockey injury and the specter of scoliosis affect their lives. [Buy Book]

Harry Scores A Hat Trick With Pawns, Pucks, and Scoliosis

For Harry, it's a devastating hockey injury that leads to a newfound love for and skill at chess and an eventual return to the ice, all overshadowed by a scoliosis diagnosis whose outcome is unclear. As you read about Harry's challenges, and those of his friends, perhaps they'll remind you of some of your own. [Buy Book]