About Mary

Mary began her career as an author in 1997 when her first book, What Can I Give You, was published. In her book, Mary impresses upon the reader what many children experience as they travel a sometimes long and winding journey with congenital scoliosis.

In 1999 Mary published There’s an “S” on My Back, “S” Is For Scoliosis, providing the preadolescent reader with a very personal account of Maisey MacGuire and her journey as a fifth grader diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis at a school screening. A realistic fiction, it remains a very popular book as it chronicles Maisey’s peer relationships with siblings, sports, camps, and the flow of a normal school day.

In 2002, Mary decided to broaden the subject matter of her writing and wrote Stand Tall, Harry. Harry Jones is a Boston student who is bused to a suburban school as part of the METCO program. Harry longs to find a best friend at his suburban school and enjoys sitting on the steps of his Boston home talking with his Grampy about his wish for a school pal with whom he can share the richness of his urban life. Harry endures a serious hockey injury, an eventual diagnosis of scoliosis, and a chance to compete for a United States chess championship.

Harry Scores A Hat Trick with Pawns, Pucks, and Scoliosis is the sequel to Stand Tall, Harry. In the sequel, also geared to the preadolescent reader, Harry continues to learn that each person has different challenges to confront, even when they are as young as he is. It is Harry’s devastating hockey injury that leads him to a newfound love and skill at chess and an eventual return to the ice.

School Is Not For Me, Jeremy James Conor McGee,  is the story of a boy named Jeremy and his day-to-day journey with learning difficulties.  In the book, Mary reminds the reader that school is indeed the key that opens many doors, but it takes a lot of hard work to find that key.Most important, adults need to be sensitive to the journey that the "Jeremys of this world" travel.

MY ELLA FIX playfully celebrates the joy of becoming a grandmother.   In every way it celebrates the gift of becoming a grandparent.

CHARLOTTE THE FIRST is an endearing story of sibling rivalry and how younger siblings find their own special place within the family unit. Not unlike the middle child, the second child often feels upstaged by the first and on it goes. Charlotte eventually learns that there is truly no other child just like her. In every way, she is indeed CHARLOTTE THE FIRST.

And now, the book that has been on Mary's radar screen for far too long, THE REUNION, WARM REGARDS, M.S. This is a story about reconnecting, giving back, and the importance of a bucket list as we deal with the many surprises that suggest to all of us that we need to get it all in, sooner rather than later. It is a short read with a very important message.

Mary’s books can be ordered from her website, www.reddingpress.com using Paypal, as well as on Amazon.com. They can be ordered from any local bookstore as well as through Baker and Taylor. For more information, visit the RELEASES page. Also, check out Mary's SCHOOL/LIBRARY VISITS page.